Our Services

We provide top notch home improvement and construction services. It has always been our guiding principle to give our 100% and be the best.

With our long list of satisfied clients, we have harnessed our skills and have employed nobody else but the best.

RGC Construction Services

Our services are subdivided into two:

Home Improvement

For those who do want to have their homes be remodeled or improved, we have the right people to help you realize your plans.

We do have in-house architects and interior designers who will work hand in hand in order to put your plan in action, in reality on the way you want it to be. We ensure that every bit of detail is done with perfection.

Your home will never look the same way as it was before. You will be amazed with the transformation and you would love to be home sooner than expected.


For those who are planning to have a building or construct houses, we are your main man. We have in-house engineers, architects, plumbers, electricians and every professional there is in order to construct a building or a house.plans image

Every project we will do is done according to the client’s specifications and within the budget. We assure that we come up with a blueprint, explain it better in front of you and willing to do alterations before construction is done.

We will always go for perfection at its finest while making sure each project that we do is made from quality material without hurting your budget. We do accept small and even big construction projects. We will cater to your needs while at the same time deliver excellent service that you would surely be proud of.

We at RGC Construction knows what is in the head of clients – quality and affordability. So, we offer them to you.